6 Tips for Home Gardeners Planting in the New Year

Hey home gardeners, what’s the plan for your garden in 2021? 

A lot of Kiwi’s ramped up their home gardening efforts amidst the pandemic last year. It’s a way to get back to putting our family and health first by growing our own wholesome and healthy produce and be a little more self-sustainable in the process.

If you have a garden that needs more of your attention in 2021, we have some tips and reminders to help you keep it healthy and thriving: 

1/ Dry soil means plants are not getting nutrients from the soil…

Did you know that dry soil impacts a plant’s ability to uptake minerals? Despite there being plenty of minerals in the soil, without water plants struggle to retrieve these nutrients through their roots. Don’t forget to water your garden over the summer to help avoid nutrient deficiencies. It seems obvious, but you might be surprised at how often we hear of dry and struggling plants by the end of the warmer months, which often could have been avoided! 

Another thing to note, is that when the soil is dry, soil fertilisers won’t be absorbed as well as foliar (leaf applied) fertilisers. So look for bioavailable foliar fertilisers for maximum uptake by the plant.

2/ Quality over quantity when it comes to watering 

Not only is watering your garden important, but a long deep soil drenching is always more beneficial to plants than a quick sprinkle. Apart from the sun drying up a light spray as quickly as it’s applied, a light shower can result in shallow root growth. A deep, long soak will encourage strong roots and healthy plants that are utilising the nutrients in the soil. 

3/ Electrolytes jump-start dry, nutrient deficient plants

Another life-giving solution to plants that are dry, lifeless, and lacking in nutrients is to apply an electrolyte, such as Mobilizer. Just as humans that are dehydrated are prescribed electrolytes to get the body functioning again, the same goes for plants. Growers that use an electrolyte report it being like a spark plug, jump-starting their plants to take up more nutrients to become healthier, producing more. Best of all Mobilizer can avoid wilt and bring your plants back to life in dry seasons with low precipitation.

4/ Are your plants Calcium deficient? 

In addition to lack of water playing a crucial role in nutrient uptake from the soil, plants deficient in the mineral Calcium will also struggle to uptake minerals. Calcium is especially important when a plant is in a growing phase – growing roots, shoots, flowers and fruit.  So when the plant doesn’t have access to or has trouble absorbing the Calcium in the soil, the deficiency will cause visible abnormalities in the growing parts of the plants and the roots which cannot be seen. The solution is to apply bioavailable foliar Calcium

5/ Trace minerals are also important – don’t forget these! 

Many gardeners are encouraged to focus on applying NPK fertiliser (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) to their garden, however trace minerals are equally important to plant health. Referred to as macronutrients, NPK are used by plants in large amounts. Trace minerals are necessary but required in far smaller amounts. Because of this, it can be more economical to apply bioavailable trace minerals as a foliar application.

A multi-mineral booster will supply your plants with a top-up of balanced nutrients necessary to produce a bountiful harvest. Ideal for all garden types, organic Biomin Booster V contains all the essential trace elements needed for healthy plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. It will help nutritionally balance your plants, support flowering and fruit development.

6/ Apply Mycorrhizal Fungi to encourage growth 

Did you harvest cabbages, cauliflower or sprouts from your garden this year? The brassica family of plants are not inoculated by Mycorrhizal fungi, which causes a fallow period of Mycorrhizal fungi in your soil. Whilst a period of rest and rotation can benefit your garden, when replanting into old brassica soil it is important that plants have Mycorrhizal fungi added along with enough minerals and organic compounds so your NEXT plants have the best chance of survival. 

We recommend applying Rootella our organic and highly concentrated Mycorrhizal products, before replanting or reseeding. Rootella enables crops to uptake more nutrients (especially Phosphorus), prevents stress, and promotes healthy soil for increased production, resilience, plant growth, and vitality. 

We wish you gardening success in 2021! 

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