Agri sector facing challenges

New Zealand’s agri sector is facing challenges that require urgent solutions.
The horticulture sector is crying out for more workers to pick fruit during peak periods of harvest. The dairy sector is facing strong calls to take action to protect our waterways and our environment. Our bio-security controls need improvement to avoid issues such as the current Mycoplasma Bovis epidemic affecting our dairy industry and Myrtle rust within the nursery sector. The agritech sector is helping address some of the immediate challenges through the development of advanced robotic and sensor technologies plus drone and imaging technologies are looking at new ways to manage soil and pasture growth.
Agricultural input technologies such as humic and fulvic acids and the use of biological organisms like Mycorrhizal fungi are also opening up avenues for growers to improve production whilst protecting our environment. The good news is that New Zealand is leading the way in the development of many agri technologies and now our farmers must gain confidence in using some of the new technologies in inputs available also.