A Guide to Increasing Apple Yield Quality with Bio-Available Nutrients

As Apple growers prepare for the next harvest season, it’s important to ensure your trees have the appropriate bioavailable nutrients to correct any deficiencies and grow the highest possible volume of quality fruit. 

After a long period of extreme weather, orchards have experienced topsoil depletion, nutrient depletion, and increased pathogens, negatively impacting their plants and their soil. 

Flowers that are formed in the spurs and on terminal shoots of apple trees are initiated soon after fruit set and beyond in the previous year, so it is imperative to correct any deficiencies now, as not doing so will impact on this year’s and the following season’s crop. Simply, take a tissue sample to identify deficiencies, requesting that the lab send it through to rsf@rd2.co.nz for a Balanced Analysis report. 

One very common and important mineral for a healthy apple crop is bio-available foliar Calcium. We’d like to dive a little deeper into why Calcium is so important.

Why is Calcium application crucial to fruit development?

Roots, Shoots & Fruits, BIOMIN Calcium, is a true Glycine amino acid-chelated mineral.

Completely bio-available and non-phytotoxic for plants, it is designed to prevent and correct Calcium deficiencies to boost crops during critical or fast-growing periods, from fruitset through to pre-harvest. 

Calcium is vital for cell wall structures, cell communication, and overall fruit development. A lack of calcium can lead to issues like bitter pit and poor fruit firmness, which means reduced shelf life and reduced profitability. The type of Calcium you apply can also have an impact.

The certified organic BIOMIN Calcium we supply at Roots, Shoots & Fruits has undergone numerous trials and has been utilised by both organic and conventional apple growers for the last twenty years in New Zealand and abroad with the following proven benefits: 

More Vibrant Fruit Colour: 

  • Results show a more vivid fruit colour, making your apples not just visually appealing but also indicating their overall health and higher nutritional value.

Prolonged Shelf Life: 

  • Calcium is essential for maintaining fruit firmness as it increases the rigidity of the cell walls. With Biomin Calcium, your apples stay crisp and fresh for longer.
  • An extended shelf life means reduced risk of spoilage, translating to higher yields of A-grade apples.

Fewer Applications:

  • Biomin Calcium is highly bio-available and systemically absorbed through all plant parts, meaning lower rates and fewer applications, saving time and resources.
  • Less applications reduces your environmental footprint, aligning with sustainable and organic farming practices.
    • Lighter footprint, less soil compaction. 
    • Decreased freight . 
    • Lower diesel application costs.
    • Reduced man hours.
    • Greater rain window options.
    • Less risk, Safe. 

Export-Ready A-Grade Apples:

  • Meeting international export standards is crucial for commercial apple growers.
  • Biomin Calcium helps you consistently produce A-grade apples that meet those standards. 

Review this BIOMIN Calcium Trial for Apples

A trial was conducted to compare and evaluate the BIOMIN Calcium (Glycine-chelated Calcium) foliar program by Roots, Shoots & Fruits Ltd. against the standard generic Calcium program on 12-year-old Braeburn apple trees. 

Not only did the areas treated with Biomin Calcium show increased earnings per hectare of $5,962.16, it was observed that the apples treated with Biomin Calcium had significantly higher fruit calcium levels. Notably, this was achieved with just five applications, as opposed to the thirteen applications required by the standard program. Click here to read more.  

See the information fact sheet for BIOMIN Calcium.

Click here to review the product information sheet.

Please contact our team or your nearest ag-retailer for more information or to purchase BIOMIN Calcium.

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