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Best Fertiliser For New Zealand Gardeners

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables at home, it’s likely you have asked yourself the question, “What is the best fertiliser to apply?” In a market that is crowded with products promising the world whilst also adding synthetics to your produce, it is important to carefully assess and then apply products that are not only effective but also safe. Your health and the health of your family should be a priority, and this doesn’t have to come at a cost to effectiveness. Organic does not mean second best. In fact, time and again growers tell us how much brighter, sweeter and tastier their food is thanks to our range of organic fertilisers and minerals! 

Gardening is also a way to bring you and your family closer to nature. Recent research has highlighted how New Zealand children are potentially exposed to higher amounts of pesticides through our food which is a very scary thought.  

In order for your garden to flourish, you need the best fertilisers available. Our organically certified range has exactly what you need, and here’s why.

Glycine chelation

Our Biomin products utilise an innovative patented technology called glycine chelation to provide the best results for your garden. Chelation is a process whereby a binding agent attaches to a nutrient molecule. Chelating agents are useful for encouraging greater absorption of nutrients by your plants. In our case, the chelating agent is glycine. Glycine is the ideal binding agent for a couple of reasons:

  • Glycine is the smallest amino acid. This makes it easier to absorb through the pores in leaves, called stomata, as well as through the root system and even the fruit itself. Common synthetic chelating agents, like Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), form large chelates which can get stuck and cause complications for the plant.
  • Unlike EDTA, glycine is an organic molecule (It is what plants themselves are made of). This means that plants accept it readily, making absorption of nutrients easy. 

Commercial grade quality

The glycine chelated products we offer to home gardeners are exactly the same as those we provide to commercial growers. Agricultural production is a highly competitive enterprise that requires the most cutting edge fertilisation solutions. Our deep connections with New Zealand’s agricultural sector demonstrate that our products are the most effective organic option available.

Flexible application methods

Not only does glycine chelation provide the most efficient way to feed your plants, it can be applied in different ways to achieve certain results. Our fertiliser can be applied directly to the soil in the typical manner to allow for long lasting fertilisation. But, it can also be sprayed directly onto the leaves in a method called foliar fertilisation, which leads to faster absorption of nutrients. 

Foliar fertilisation is particularly useful if you find that certain plants are showing signs of nutrient deficiency. Let’s say that you cultivate tomato plants which are the talk of the town. However, you notice the leaves are discoloured and curling inwards. Then, the tomatoes themselves start showing signs of rot on the bottom. You test the soil and find your calcium levels severely lacking. Sure enough, you’re experiencing blossom end rot, and you fear your precious harvest is ruined. But, not all is lost. With a foliar application of our Biomin Calcium, your season can be saved. 

This form of application is particularly useful because, not only can it act to correct deficiencies quickly, it can be applied in a highly targeted way, treating individual plants that need immediate action. 

Organically certified

All of our products proudly bear the BioGro organic certification. This certification shows we have satisfied the strictest standards of New Zealand’s most respected organic certifier. When you use our products, you can be assured that not only are you accessing the highest quality fertilisers, you are also supporting a move towards an environmentally sustainable future. 

The only way to truly understand the benefit our fertilisers can provide you is to try them. You can find our home gardening products in our shop.

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