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Perfect Your Christmas Gardening Harvest

December: the beginning of summer, Christmas, and a season of intense garden growth! Gardening devotees will know that summer can bring rapid plant growth; but only when crops are tended to correctly and have sufficient Calcium levels. Plants die in harsh summer weather conditions because of our busy lives over the holiday season. Here are six simple ways you can look after your garden crops in the lead up to Christmas, maximising growth for a bumper holiday harvest!

1. Water Your Plants

We all know that plants need water to survive. Factor in the overloaded December schedules and it can be something we easily forget about. Each plant is different, but a rule of ‘green thumb’ is to ensure your soil remains moist and doesn’t dry out over summer. If you plan on going away for a few busy days, try excess watering to keep the soil damp throughout the coming days. 

2. Fertiliser and Mulch

Mulch is a dense layer of organic matter, placed around the base of the crops, protecting them from erosion, retaining the soil moisture levels and stunting weed growth. This ensures your plants are receiving essential nutrients needed to produce fruit; readying them for a full Christmas harvest!  Fertilise around the base of the plants and then water it in. Place your mulch around the base of the plants to retain moisture and nutrients provided by the fertiliser.

3. Controlling the Bugs

Many garden bugs can live in a healthy, symbiotic relationship with your plants, however, some can damage and eat them. Pest control solutions commercially available for gardens include harmful chemicals that have negative long-term health effects.  Consider using an organic, natural insect repellent for edible crops. One solution is concentrated garlic extract. It carries a strong odour, deterring pests from living in your crops. Check out our garlic concentrate, Bio-Repel.

4. Minimising Weeds

As with your plants and pests, warm summer months also increase the rate of weed growth in your garden. It’s important to spend time ensuring that the weeds aren’t overtaking your garden, sucking nutrients from your soil. Spend some time ‘Christmas gardening’ to remove weeds and apply mulch to prevent re-growth. This will stunt excessive weed growth, saving you time on weeding. 

5. Use Calcium when Christmas Gardening

In a previous blog, we explained the importance of using calcium to prepare produce for harvest. In short, Calcium is a vital nutrient aiding plant growth. When applied to your plants, there are fewer occurrences of disease, bigger and juicier fruit, brighter colours and your produce really lasts longer in the fruit bowl. 

When adding Calcium to your plants, consider the product you use. Many commercial solutions sold are phytotoxic and include fillers and added chemicals to their final formulations. Our Biomin Calcium is a patented Calcium formulation, the molecules are absorbed more readily than other products, meaning nothing goes to waste and you actually need less. AND BONUS our product is certified Biogro organic.  

6. Picking Your Christmas Gardening Harvest

When it comes to the well-anticipated Christmas harvest, consider the time of day that you are picking. Where possible, try and do so on the day you are planning to cook them. This ensures that the flavour is preserved and you get the tastiest produce for your festivities! Avoid harvesting during the hotter periods of the day. When picked early in the morning,  vegetables and fruit are crispier and juicier. Harvesting before they are exposed to the midday heat helps them to last longer in the fridge, too. 

Stuck for Christmas Gardening Gifts?

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Enjoy celebrating the holiday season with your homegrown crops!

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