Climate Impact on Plant Nutrition

Yearly rainfall in 2019 was (50-79%) below normal across Northland, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and Marlborough. 2019 was the 4th-warmest year on NIWA records for New Zealand since beginning in 1909.

Last year’s dry season, compounded with this dry Spring has meant limited nutritional uptake from the soil which is showing up now in larger than usual deficiencies in Magnesium, Calcium, trace minerals and even Nitrogen.

Growers need to ensure they are not relying on soil nutrition, but also applying foliar products that are highly bio-available, where less is needed for greater impact. It is important to recall that deficiencies in one year can impact two seasons, so deficiencies should be addressed as soon as possible to ensure fruit quality remains high.

What to apply

For growers who still have time to take tissue samples pre-flower, precise application of only those minerals required based on the analysis will often allow reallocation of funds to areas of need. We see that growers apply Zinc and Boron every season whether they are required or not and yet overlook minerals such as Manganese that positively impact against pathogens. For growers who have not taken a tissue test, a multi-mineral booster is recommended (such as Biomin Booster V) to ensure that plants have a little of all trace minerals plus Magnesium and yeast assimilable Nitrogen. Other Minerals such as Biomin Boron, or Biomin Magnesium can be added to overcome severe deficiencies.

For those growers whose crops are now past flowering and at cell division stage, look to use a bio-available product like Biomin Calcium. The significance of quality mineral nutrition is not to be overlooked, playing a pivotal role in response mechanisms against pathogens such as Botrytis cinerea and Erysiphe necator (Powdery Mildew).

New Generation Plant Based Nitrogen

Without rain, Nitrogen levels drop significantly affecting YANs in wine. For growers requiring high quality, high analysis, organic, plant-based, foliar Nitrogen, consider the new product release, Biomin N.

Electrolytes for human dehydration, and for plants too!

During dry seasons plants are under considerable stress, try adding a plant electrolyte as found in our Fulvic Acid product, Mobilizer.