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Glycine Chelation

The innovative technology that is the magic behind our products.

The BIOMIN brand (which stands for bioavailable minerals) holds a patented process for chelation whereby every metal ion is bonded with two Glycine (smallest amino acid) molecules creating a fully chelated product. This allows nutrients to be more accessible to the plant, increasing plant health and product utilisation. Ultimately, you can use less, for a superior result.

Supporting New Zealand growers is our mission.

Our mission at Roots, Shoots & Fruits is to support New Zealand growers to produce quality, nutrient dense food. By growing healthier more resilient plants we can reduce costs and also reduce reliance on synthetic fungicides, pesticides and fertilisers that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

We have been supporting New Zealand commercial growers for two decades. We do this by distributing organic balanced fertilizers, hydroponic supplies and plant nutritional products to farmers, growers and home gardeners. These can replace the synthetic chemicals widely used, and produce impressive results, including faster plant growth, increased crop yields, healthier soils and plants more resistant to disease.

You’ll find extensive research and field trials on this site completed by third parties, which showcase the efficacy of these products. We believe growers should be informed of and given the choice of utilising new advanced organic fertilisers, that may produce the same or often BETTER results than their synthetic counterparts.

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