Sustainability, it’s in our DNA

Sustainability and positive domestic and global impact are core brand characteristics of Roots, Shoots & Fruits.

Roots Shoots & Fruits, through the use of biological organisms and innovative technology in plant nutritional products, will improve horticultural and agricultural inputs for the betterment of grower production, human health and our environment. Our organic fertilisers not only enrich the soil with essential nutrients but also promote carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and storing carbon in the soil. Incorporating organic fertilisers into your soil not only improves soil structure and fertility but also helps mitigate climate change by reducing atmospheric carbon levels through carbon sequestration.

Kaitiakitanga (guardianship and protection or conservation). We’re doing our part to act in a way that protects and nurtures our environment, to ensure it remains in top condition for years to come.


  • To assist growers to produce foods that contain higher nutritional values, improved quality and economical crop returns
  • To guide grower knowledge in the use of innovative, cost-effective products; safe for humans, animals and our environment
  • To improve environmental assets through sustainable, clean, safe and highly effective products that are certified organic and GMO-free
  • To use environmentally packaged and recycled products
  • To distribute nationally through established agricultural retail outlets
  • To strive for continued improvement in meeting, advancing, promoting and educating these objectives.
  • To assist growers increase their soil health and carbon sequestration to help mitigate climate change.

Actions in meeting these objectives Roots Shoots & Fruits will achieve goals in the following four areas:

Core Business

  • Provide value to clients by building upon our reputation for holistic approaches to crop needs
  • Reinforce the use and utilisation of agricultural products that improve soil carbon storage
  • Deliver products recognised for their sustainability and organic certification, in line with client expectations
  • Achieve performance that ensures our environmental and financial vision and viability
  • Commit to implementing all relevant sustainability legislation


  • Employ and retain team members who have a high degree of environmental awareness and passion
  • Provide continuing education to our team on sustainability issues relevant to the company’s business
  • Support innovative approaches to the implementation of sustainability strategies
  • Continue to sell only those products that are safe and harmless to humans


  • Use resources efficiently to minimise waste, water and energy usage, in both production and office environments
  • Prevent pollution in the scope of our activities
  • Ensure recycling initiatives are adhered to

External Relationships

  • Partner with organisations that have adopted sustainable practices across goods and services etc
  • Develop products that are more efficient in terms of application costs, labour, time, freight and effectiveness
  • Develop products that are safe for people, animals, our environment and crops. (Safety in agriculture)
  • Support organisations that foster the environment and help our people, for an improved future
  • Promote carbon sequestration through Mycorrhizal fungi giveaways for tree planting

Charitable Impact Partnership 2019

In 2019 we choose to partner with B1G1 to positively contribute to causes around the world that align with our vision for a healthier environment for all. We nominate a percentage of profits from different products to be donated to various causes. The causes we are currently involved in can be found on our homepage and on social media. To read more about B1G1 Business for Good, click here. We encourage you to become involved.

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