Getting Busy In Your Summer Garden  

The Christmas pudding has all been eaten and everyone is thoroughly tired of leftovers.  Cocktails and good company are still in favour and the grass is growing like crazy thanks to rainy days and humid conditions.  And in the summer garden it’s no time to rest on your laurels – it’s time to get busy!. 

As the New Year begins, our hopeful planting of tomatoes, beans, courgettes and cucumbers is starting to show signs of rewarding us with tasty produce to share and show off to friends and family.  

We’d like to give you a few tips to ensure your plants continue to thrive and provide you with a bountiful harvest, whatever you have growing in your part of the country. 

Spotting Mineral Deficiencies

Regular inspections of your vegetables and fruit trees will ensure you spot any signs of nutrient deficiencies early. Mineral deficiencies can be easily managed and mitigated with the application of foliar mineral nutrition such as Roots, Shoots & Fruits Biomin Booster, a potent multi-mineral fertiliser containing all the essential trace elements required for optimum plant productivity. The addition of Biomin Calcium for produce that is crunchy and long lasting, and Synergizer to ensure nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needs are met means your plants will have the best possible growing conditions.

All these products are available as a convenient Plant Mineral Bundle – find more information here

Water, Water Everywhere

Obviously, like us, all your garden plants and fruit trees need water! Regular watering creates an environment where calcium, for example, can efficiently travel through the soil to reach the roots of your plants, particularly under dry conditions. 

Timing, however, is everything. Too frequent or excessive watering can work against you, waterlogging the soil and hindering the plants ability to uptake vital nutrients.

How often will depend on your soil – well-drained soil may need more frequent watering whereas soils which are heavy and dense in organic matter will hold more moisture and can take less frequent watering.  

Keep an eye on your soil to gauge what your garden needs.  The addition of Mobilizer – Fulvic Acid will help your plants withstand wilting in dry conditions, acting as a natural electrolyte to support your garden.

Learn more about Mobilizer.

Keep The Pests At Bay

It’s pretty hard to see your lovely summer fruit and vege being munched and crunched by pests, or succumbing to disease. But, it’s important to remember that the healthier your soil, the healthier your plants and healthy plants have amazing ways of fighting pests and pathogens.

You can lend a hand continuing to feed your soil to ensure it is high in organic matter, creating an environment where beneficial bacteria and fungi can thrive.  You can repel insects with natural products such as Bio-Repel – a repellent made from pure garlic juice. Bio-Repel will not harm the beneficial insects we want to encourage but will keep the nasties at bay.

Our Pest Prevention Bundle provides 3 products, including Bio-Repel, which will give you the tools to ensure your plants have a fighting chance against the many and varied pests and pathogens that want our tomatoes as much as we do.

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