Harnessing The Power Of Phosphorus In Winter Plantings.

Carbohydrate Storage. 

Growers have long acknowledged the importance of carbohydrates in plants to achieve maximum crop potential as crops store carbohydrates to increase their energy for growing. Crops take the glucose formed during photosynthesis and combine carbohydrates with oxygen, a process that releases energy from the plant and causes growth.

Without enough carbohydrates, crops suffer, resulting in slow bud burst, stunted growth and reduced production. 

The primary function within carbohydrates is Phosphorus and its role in energy storage and transfer. Phosphorus is a formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy-storing molecule (or gasoline, if you will) of the plant. 

Whilst Phosphorus is essential for higher quality produce and ultimately increased yields, it is commonly faced with significant obstacles during cold and wet periods as it becomes immobile in the soil or ‘locked up’. 

Wet and cold conditions restrict the movement of Phosphorus, making it difficult for plants to access and utilise the required nutrients. To prevent your crops from lacking in this important mineral, applying Phosphorus as a last application before dormancy will provide plants with the much-needed boost for the following season. 

But buyer beware! Not all Phosphorus products are easily absorbed. Adequate Phosphorus availability sets the foundation for healthy bud breaks, leading to stronger and more vigorous crop growth. By ensuring an ample supply of the correct formulation of phosphorus during winter, your crops are able to absorb other essential nutrients more effectively also, resulting in more nutrient-dense crops, higher production and overall higher yields. 

Roots, Shoots and Fruits have the perfect product for you! It’s called Phoscare, a product produced using new technologies which are different from the traditional phosphorus fertiliser technologies. Phosphorous acid instead of phosphoric acid is used as the phosphorus source. The product derived from using phosphorous acid is phosphite instead of phosphate.  Phoscare is intended to be used as an immediate, highly systemic and available source of Phosphorous and Potassium.

Partner with Humic acid and use it as a power duo! Humic Acid can further enhance the efficiency of Phosphorus uptake as it acts as a chelating agent, holding nutrients and preventing them from leaching away. This helps retain the essential minerals in the root zone, ensuring their availability when plants need them most to see optimal crop growth and higher yields.

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