How Mycorrhizal Fungi Can Help Achieve Carbon Zero Goals And Support Your Plants! 

Anyone who has been following Roots, Shoots & Fruits for the past few years will have heard of Mycorrhizal Fungi and for those of you who are new to this blog, read on to learn more about these underground superheroes. 

Mycorrhizal Fungi have the (super) power to help you grow wonderful healthy produce in soil that is alive with beneficial organisms and the potential to help New Zealand reach our Carbon Zero goals through carbon storage. Choose Mycorrhizal fungi as your environmental product of choice for sustainable and productive farming!

How is this possible? 

Mycorrhizal fungi are unsung heroes for your garden! 

Mycorrhizal fungi are living organisms which have been shaping the evolution of terrestrial plants for 400 million years!  These tiny, but mighty fungi work their magic underground, forming a symbiotic bond with plant roots, improving plant growth and soil health and supporting the environment by storing carbon in permanent sinks in the soil.

When you use Mycorrhizal fungi in your home garden, you are giving your fruit, vegetables and trees better access to water and nutrients that are typically hard to reach (like phosphorus), and protection from a wide-range of diseases.  You’re adding life to your soil, making it more friable, rich in organic matter and resilient to the stresses of changing weather patterns, from drought to heavy rain. 

Crucially, there is less need for harmful, synthetic fertilisers which are known to pollute waterways and have detrimental effects on human health.   And, it’s so incredibly simple to use!  Adding a Rootella, Mycorrhizal fungi T-bag to your planting hole, or sprinkling Mycorrhizal fungi around the hole, or adding some to your growing media when raising seedlings – all of these methods ensure plant roots are inoculated and can reap the benefits provided by these beneficial organisms. As an environmental product, Mycorrhizal fungi support sustainable farming practices and contribute to healthier ecosystems.

Watch video here to understand more how Mycorrhizal fungi work. 

Using Mycorrhizal fungi in your garden is a win/win for your garden and for the environment because of the amount of carbon Mycorrhizal fungi can sequester for carbon storage, and every step towards Carbon Zero helps.

Reaching Carbon Zero With Mycorrhizal Fungi 

Mycorrhizal fungi are the main pathway of carbon storage into soil and soil, along with the oceans, is an important carbon sink for the planet, capable of storing considerably more carbon than vegetation alone. Soil contains almost two times as much carbon as the atmosphere, living flora, and animals combined. And the good news is that the healthier your soil, the more carbon it can store. This process of storing carbon is called carbon sequestration and is essential in mitigating climate change.

This makes Mycorrhizal fungi a powerful carbon sequestration tool on the road towards Carbon Zero as it has the ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and store it in permanent sinks in the soil – even in your backyard garden.

Using Roots, Shoots & Fruits’ highly concentrated Mycorrhizal fungi product, Rootella, for carbon sequestration and carbon storage offers all the incredible benefits Mycorrhizal fungi can provide for your garden. By choosing this environmental product, you’re actively participating in a process that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change. Even the smallest actions we take in our own backyard, like using Rootella, can have far-reaching effects for us and the natural world.

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