How to grow lemons and create your own citrus paradise at home

Hey there, fellow citrus lovers! Craving a backyard full of fresh, tangy lemons or juicy grapefruit? You’re in luck! Growing lemon trees and other citrus can be a ‘fruitful’ experience. Let’s dive into our hot tips to get those lemons thriving in no time, with a sprinkle of organic goodness from our customer’s favourite citrus fertilisers, Biomin Calcium and K-Forte.

Choosing the perfect spot: Let there be sunlight! 

First things first, let’s talk about location. Lemon trees, and indeed most citrus love basking in the sunlight, so choose a spot in your garden that gets plenty of sunshine. They also appreciate well-drained soil, so ensure your chosen spot doesn’t turn into a swamp after a downpour. Citrus, in general, do not like to have wet feet!

Planting with care: Setting the stage for success 

When planting your citrus tree, make sure the hole is spacious enough to accommodate the root ball, with a bit of room to spare. Mix in some compost to give your tree a nutrient-rich start, and gently pat down the soil around the base. For extra assurance that your new tree will thrive, add a grow bag of our flagship product, Rootella T. Simply throw one small bag in the hole, and you’re done! Easy.

Now, let’s talk feeding time! Just like us, lemon trees need their vitamins to thrive and citrus are known to be heavy feeders. That’s where organic citrus fertilisers like Biomin Calcium and potassium products such as K-Forte come into play. These goodies provide essential nutrients that lemon trees crave, promoting robust growth and bountiful, sweet, zesty fruit.

Nourishing potassium boost: Enhancing lemon size and juiciness

K-Forte offers a potassium boost that works wonders for your lemon trees. Potassium is a key player in fruit development, helping to increase fruit size , flavour and juiciness. With K-Forte, you can expect your citrus fruit to grow bigger and juicier prior to picking, perfect for squeezing over fresh fish or adding zest to your recipes.

Calcium Application Made Easy

Calcium is crucial for strong cell walls in plants and in the fruit itself, keeping roots healthy from disease and the fruit so juicy yet firm! Applying Calcium increases the shelf life of fruit once picked – no more rotten mandarins before you get around to eating them all! Applying Calcium is a breeze; it can be done as a foliar or soil application. Simply dilute it in water and apply it straight from your watering can or spray it onto foliage. You can also sprinkle it onto the soil and then water it in for effective absorption.

Show Your Love: Appreciating Your Lemon Tree

And last but not least, take a moment to admire its glossy leaves, fragrant blossoms, and, of course, those juicy lemons that you’ll soon be using in the kitchen! 

So there you have it! With a little sunshine, some organic citrus fertilisers like Biomin Calcium as well as K-Forte, and a little bit of TLC, you’ll be well on your way to growing thriving citrus trees right in your backyard. Happy growing!

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