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How To Prevent Pests Naturally

All aspiring gardeners understand the importance of protecting their precious produce from perilous pests (how’s that for alliteration). It’s tempting to rely on a toxic concoction of chemicals to keep unwanted visitors from invading your space. But, there are perfectly safe and organic alternatives that can protect your garden from being overrun by nasty pests that are available on this very website.

Not all bugs are bad!

It’s important to note that not all insects are harmful to your garden. In fact, some perform a crucial role in preserving the ecology that your beloved plants depend on. For example, many flowering plants rely on insects for pollination. Bees are best known for this, but many other bugs like ants, wasps, butterflies and moths, will lend a hand.

Some predatory insects make their diet out of unwanted bugs. Lady beetles may look adorable, and they are, but to the ever annoying aphid, they are a nightmare. Likewise, the soldier beetle loves to make lunch out of passing aphids and caterpillars, while simultaneously helping to pollinate your flowers. These hard workers all provide an added layer of defence for your garden. So, when dealing with an infestation, it’s important to not cause collateral damage to beneficial insects in the process.

To this end, what you need is an all-natural remedy that works with your garden, not against it. But, where to find such a thing? We’re glad you asked, because Roots, Shoots and Fruits have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

How Roots, Shoots and Fruits can help

Dealing with a pest infestation once it has already happened is never an ideal solution. Strong, healthy plants have a natural resistance to pests. You can help to foster this by making sure they have access to all the nutrients they need to thrive. That means conditioning the soil so that it not only has the nutrients but also makes them readily available to your plants.

Healthy soil, healthy plants

Well amended soil should be well-drained, have good stability to prevent erosion, and be able to retain nutrients close to where plants can access them. Using Roots, Shoots and Fruits’ Humax products will allow your garden to thrive as its active ingredient, humic acid, improves soil stability, water retention, and enables nutrients to remain close to roots in a state that is readily bioavailable.

Prevention is the best cure to pests

If you would like a quick and effective way of preventing, or dealing with an ongoing infestation, try our all-natural garlic extract insect repellent, Bio-Repel. This organic solution contains no harmful chemicals, relying instead on an offensive odour that is undetectable to humans on the produce, but unbearable to unwanted insects.

Bio-Repel is also available in our holistic Pest Prevention Bundle. Along with our Bio-Repel garlic repellent, you will receive TRI-D25. This product introduces beneficial fungi into the soil which helps prevent disease, and helps your plants flower and grow strong roots. At the seedling stage, it improves seed germination and survival rate. In addition, you will get our Mobilizer product, which helps plants better utilise nutrients, and enables plants to better cope with periods of wilting and extreme hot or cold conditions.

Safe for your family, safe for the environment

It is absolutely critical that any products you use in your garden are safe for you and your children to be around, which is unfortunately not always guaranteed with certain pest control options. With our products, you can be absolutely sure that there are no toxic chemicals being used, and everything is completely BioGro certified organic, making them perfectly safe for your family.

It’s easy to find an organic solution to keep undesirable visitors to your garden at bay. With a little help from our fully organic products, unwelcome creepy crawlies will think twice about messing with your carefully cultivated slice of heaven.

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