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Important Trace Elements for Pre-Flowering Fruit Trees

Pre-flower is a critical stage in a fruit tree’s development. Providing your orchard with the proper mix of nutrients is essential to ensuring a strong yield and quality produce. Of course, the three macronutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, are all needed across the spectrum of fruit crops, but it’s important not to forget the role of micronutrients. While these trace elements are not required to the same degree as the three major nutrients, they do play a crucial role in the health of your harvest. 

Roots, Shoots and Fruits’ Biomin range of trace elements are the perfect solution to any orchard’s nutritional requirements. Biomin products are developed with patented glycine chelation technology which increases their ease of absorption, making them the most effective fertilisers on the market. One application of rates between 0.5 to1 kilogram per hectare is generally all that is required. Growers can save on application runs, fuel and labour, and not to forget freight. 

Let’s look at some of the primary trace elements that play a vital role at the pre-flower stage. 


Zinc is associated with stimulating the growth of shoots and fruit development, assisting in the functioning of chlorophyll and a number of enzymes. Zinc deficiency is often a problem, especially in apple trees, as it is a relatively immobile nutrient. A foliar application of our Biomin Zinc during pre-flowering will ensure that your fruit trees do not sustain any stunting in the leaves or buds. 


Boron is especially important to fruit quality. It assists with fruit development, transporting sugars inside plants, and is critical during the flowering stage. While boron is mobile in the soil, it’s immobile inside plants which means that a consistent supply is needed during growth to ensure your crops don’t develop a boron deficiency. A pre-bloom foliar application of Biomin Boron can help to maintain appropriate boron levels for developing flowers.


Iron, along with zinc, contributes substantially to chlorophyll production and is therefore vital to a fruit tree’s ability to photosynthesise. Photosynthesis creates the carbohydrates necessary for a healthy fruit set. This makes iron particularly important during pre-flowering to provide optimal conditions for fruit development. Growers, especially those growing kiwifruit crops, must be on the lookout for any signs of iron deficiency, typically seen through leaf chlorosis. Fortunately, our Biomin Iron is the perfect antidote to any sign of iron deficiency. 


Copper is another nutrient necessary for chlorophyll synthesis and is a constituent of certain enzymes. Without sufficient copper, crops will become chlorotic due to a lack of chlorophyll. This will result in stunted growth and severely reduced yields and poor fruit quality. 

Apple trees in particular benefit from a pre-bloom foliar copper application. Apple orchards have begun to suffer from copper deficiencies due primarily to reduced use of copper fungicides. This makes supplementing copper levels prior to flowering particularly important. Of course, our Biomin Copper is the obvious choice.

If you are a commercial grower, we offer complimentary tissue sample analysis to help you identify and treat mineral deficiencies! Contact Molly via email at

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