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Mycorrhizal Fungi for Stronger Grape Vines

Planting is underway on vineyards in many parts of New Zealand right now and at this stage, it’s critical to prime the soil to give your vines the best chance of producing a strong harvest. What’s one amendment that could be applied right now to give your vines a massive kickstart? We’re so glad you asked.

Our Rootella product is composed of an almost magical organism called Mycorrhizal fungi. This special fungi provides a dazzling array of benefits to crops. If you had to apply just one soil amendment, it should be Rootella

We’ve been hyping it up, but what makes our Mycorrhizal fungi product, Rootella, so amazing?

Higher grape quality

Studies into Mycorrhizal fungi’s effect on a grape’s nutritional content show increased synthesis of polyphenols, which are a critical component in wine quality. Vines inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi have improved phenolic composition, with higher levels of flavonols and anthocyanins. 

Anthocyanins are pigments that accumulate in the grapeskin. High levels of anthocyanins produce grapes with a vibrant and healthy appearance. Flavonols are found primarily in the grapeskin and seed. They are responsible for providing most of the antioxidant properties of wine.

Mycorrhizal fungi also have a positive effect on sugar accumulation in certain grape varieties, resulting in increased soluble sugar concentration. 

Increased nutrient supply

Mycorrhizal fungi attach fine strands to your vines’ roots and create a massive network of filaments that spread through the soil. This symbiosis allows your crops to extend the reach of their root system, giving them access to more nutrients. This is a critical advantage, as it enhances a vine’s ability to withstand stressful conditions during a dry period, making them more resilient. 

Disease resistance

Healthy and well nutriated vines are naturally more resistant to disease. By improving nutrient and water uptake with Rootella, your vines will have a greater ability to withstand pathogens. Also, research has shown that mycorrhizal fungi can resist other pathogenic fungi, and given they dominate the soil through their massive web structure, your crop’s root system will be protected as well. 

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Increased carbon storage

Increasing Mycorrhizal fungi in the soil can result in improved soil composition from their secretions and, importantly, increase the storage capacity of Carbon in the soil. This is due to the symbiotic nature of the fungi and plant roots. 

Stronger growth and better yields

Along with better nutrient uptake, especially of Phosphorus, Mycorrhizal fungi also increase the soil’s water retention. This contributes to: 

  • Stronger root growth
  • Longer shoots
  • Better leaf growth
  • Improved flowering

With improved growth, vines will ultimately be better placed to produce higher quality yields.

Well amended soil is vital to a healthy growing vine. It’s no lie when we say, healthy plants start with healthy soil! Boost your crops likelihood of success and join hundreds of NZ growers who Grow Better with Roots, Shoots & Fruits. 

Contact your local ag retailer for more information on the benefits of Rootella and Superzyme when applied together at planting, the due cover a wide range of issues. Or you can email Molly at with any questions. 

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