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New Study On The Benefits Of Superzyme On Dry Matter Yield

Healthy soil is teeming with a complex ecosystem of fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The earth can’t sustain crops without them. Superzyme is an organic soil amendment that contains a proper ratio of specific beneficial bacteria and fungi to maintain the delicate balance of your soil’s microflora and fauna. 

A recent study shows the superior benefits of Superzyme over competing products in Corsa kale dry matter yields. Corsa kale is a common winter feed crop usually planted towards the end of the year, so increasing dry matter provides significant value to livestock farmers. 

Let’s look at what the trial found.

The study

Researchers applied Superzyme and a competitor Trichoderma product to separate 10-hectare plots on a New Zealand farm on 18 November 2020. A third plot served as a control. The dry matter yield was measured on 26 May 2021. 

The results

Beef and Lamb New Zealand supplementary feed guide states supplementary kale feed at 16% dry matter costs 31c per kg to purchase.

The study found the Dry Matter yields for the Superzyme treated plot exceeded the competitor’s to the tune of 22,423 kg DM per Ha compared to 18,792 kg DM per Ha, a difference of 3,361 kg DM per Ha. Meanwhile, the control clocked in significantly less at 16,180 kg DM per Ha.

However, Superzyme-treated kale had an average of 17.85% Dry Matter compared to the competitor’s 16.20%, with the control coming in at 14.34%. 

The benefit to you

We can provide a dollar value to this additional feed produced based on 16% Dry Matter thanks to Beef and Lamb New Zealand. At 16% Superzyme provided $1935.33 in additional value per hectare over the control and $1041.91 per hectare over the competitor product trialed. 

Considering Superzyme averaged 2.85% higher Dry Matter than the 16% the calculations are based on (and 2.65% higher than the competition), the added value of feed produced is actually even more significant.

With greater yields comes greater sustainability

Perhaps the best news is that these improved yields don’t come at the cost of the environment. In fact, with a combination of Superzyme and our Rootella line of mycorrhizal fungi, you’ll leave the land better off. Mycorrhizal fungi have a range of benefits, but their core value is their ability to extend the effective reach of your crops’ root systems. 

With the combined impact of Superzyme and Rootella, the beneficial organisms in your soil can proliferate through improved soil structure that reduces erosion, repopulating probiotic bacteria, and more. The benefits to your crops include increased yields, more nutrient-dense feed, and greater disease resistance. 

Roots, Shoots and Fruits is known for offering the best organic commercial fertilisers and soil amendments on the market. We believe in preserving the future viability of New Zealand’s precious agricultural land by removing synthetic fertilisers and replacing them with a certified organic alternative.

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