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Organic Gardening 101: setting up an organic garden at home

A home garden is one of the most rewarding projects you could start at home. What’s more fulfilling than walking into your own slice of paradise just outside your door? Not only are there environmental benefits to creating an organic garden, but there are also benefits to be had for your physical and mental health! With the right products, you can create an organic garden easily, which is fun for the whole family. 

This article will explore starting an organic garden for the new year. 

Here are 3 steps to creating your own organic garden:

Create healthy soil

Soil is the foundation of any garden. Soil isn’t just dirt; it’s home to a teeming ecosystem of microorganisms that make the earth a source of nutrition. Roots, Shoots and Fruits has a variety of amendments to improve your soil. 

Humic acid is a powerful product that can improve your soil quickly. Applying Humax to the earth improves your soil’s structure. Better structure means greater water retention, which helps plants access nutrients more readily. Humic acid can also reduce the impact of toxic substances in the soil and promote the growth of microorganisms. 

Our Rootella product introduces beneficial fungi to the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi work symbiotically with your plants’ root systems. The fungi create a network of fine strands that attach to roots and extend their reach through the ground. This symbiosis improves a plant’s nutrient uptake and protects against pathogenic fungi and nematodes that can kill your beautiful plants. The fungi’s structure also helps with soil stability.

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Use chemical-free fertilisers

Organic fertilisers are an effective means to creating a healthy garden without cost to the environment. Our Biomin line of fertilisers is a market-leading organic alternative. Biomin fertilisers use glycine chelation technology to ensure plants get the nutrients they need while being safe for the land and your family.

Roots, Shoots and Fruits offers various gardening bundles as an easy way to get started. For example, our Plant Mineral Bundle contains Biomin Calcium, Biomin Booster and Synergizer. 

Biomin Calcium

Calcium is crucial for the health of the soil and also your plants. Calcium is essential in maintaining cell walls of both the plant and your produce; think crunchy apples or lettuce.

Biomin Booster

While trace elements aren’t needed in the same quantity as macronutrients, they are still vital to a healthy garden. However, gardeners often overlook them. With Biomin Booster, you can ensure your garden gets all the nutrients it needs, including magnesium, zinc and iron. With these minerals, you can look forward to healthy plants and better quality fruits and vegetables in no time. 


Synergizer provides essential macronutrients for plants, and includes a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Nitrogen inspires strong foliage growth leading to better photosynthesis. Phosphorous provides the energy critical for healthy flowering and produce. Potassium is vital for ripening fruits and vegetables, adding flavour and colour, signs of quality food. There are few plant processes not affected by these nutrients. 

Use chemical-free insect repellent

Sometimes unwanted critters will try to make your garden home. While it is tempting to use synthetic insecticides to protect your plants, these can have harmful consequences for your family. Synthetic solutions are unnecessary when highly effective, safe, and organic alternatives are available. 

That’s where Roots, Shoots and Fruits’ Bio-Repel garlic insect repellent comes in handy. Bio-Repel is made from all-natural garlic juice. The repellent coats plants and repels harmful insects through an odour that is undetectable by humans. You can apply it to any garden at any time for adequate protection against pests that is 100% child-safe. 

Starting an organic garden is easier than you may think! Get the whole family involved and make it your new year’s resolution to foster that green thumb. 

You can find everything you need in our shop.

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