Soil Food: An Organic Guide to Early-Season Planting

Soil Food: An Organic Guide to Early-Season Planting

Planting the seed for (gardening) success starts before the seed. 

The foundations for a healthy, organic garden begins with the soil. Taking the time to give your soil some organic TLC will do wonders for your garden in the long run. 

So, what can you feed your soil now for ultimate rewards later? 

Some soil-loving ingredients many New Zealand gardeners swear by are fulvic acid and beneficial organisms. Fulvic acid is an organic compound which helps plants absorb mineral nutrients and gives plants the strength to withstand stress from harsh weather conditions. Beneficial organisms also facilitate nutrient intake and help protect plants from pathogens. 

Adding fulvic acid and beneficial organisms to your soil will do wonders for the growth of your plants, flowers and fruit. 

Here at Roots, Shoots & Fruits, we’ve made early-planting extra nutritious with two organic soil treatments, Mobilizer™ and Superzyme™. Not only are these products great for early-season planting, but you can continue to reap the health benefits by spraying the plants as they start to grow.

The Lowdown on Mobilizer™

Mobilizer™ is a concentrated organic liquid electrolyte containing fulvic acid which assists plants in the uptake and use of mineral nutrients.

Advantages and Benefits of Mobilizer™:

  • Provides a powerful organic electrolyte for protection from harsh conditions
  • Enables nutrient transport to and within the plant
  • Reduces the loss of soil nutrients and minerals 
  • Increases the overall health and mineral balance of plants

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The Lowdown on Superzyme™

Superzyme™ contains both beneficial fungi and bacteria, which contributes towards stronger and healthier plant and root systems ensuring plants are loaded with nutrition. 

Advantages and Benefits of Superzyme™:

  • Improves plant growth and strength
  • Improves soil structure 
  • Improves seed germination
  • Increases plant survival rate
  • Increases root systems
  • Increases the overall health and mineral balance of plants

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The Takeaway

Fulvic acid and beneficial organisms are key ingredients for healthy soil and plants. A simple way for your garden to get the right dose is by adding Mobilizer™ and Superzyme™ to your early-planting routine. These organic products also deliver ongoing support when used as post-emergence foliar sprays (keep on spraying once leaves appear).

Both products are totally harmless to plants even when recommended rates are exceeded. They are also harmless to humans and wildlife and are environmentally friendly.

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the avid gardener in your life who has everything?

We’ve got your back. 

When you buy any two of our products from the garden range (excluding Superzyme™), we’ll automatically ship you a bonus TRI-D25 and eco-friendly hemp bag. Valued at $42, totally free! Simply enter this code once you’ve ordered your two products: RSFXMAS.

Why TRI-D25? 

  • Improves seed germination
  • Increases plant survival rates
  • Kills pathogens
  • Overall happier and healthier plants!

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