Biomin ZIM-Zn Fe Mn Glycine Chelated Mineral Fertiliser


BIOMIN ZIM is a multi-mineral combination of three elements: Zinc, Iron & Manganese. This product is of particular interest to growers growing in alkaline soils, a soil type that these three elements, in particular, are rendered most unavailable. Citrus crops are also significantly prone to showing deficiencies of Zinc, Iron and Manganese.

BIOMIN ZIM is applicable to all crops at almost all stages, benefiting your plants and produce by:

  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Preventing plant and fruit susceptibility to disease
  • Correcting multiple plant deficiencies

BIOMIN ZIM is a chelated multi-mineral which is chelated mainly by Glycine and other organic amino acids. BIOMIN ZIM was designed for soil and/or foliar applications. Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied in accordance to directions. Designed to prevent and correct trace mineral deficiencies and to boost crops during critical or fast growing periods. May be applied with nitrogen fertilisers.

BIOMIN ZIM can be applied to ALL crops including all vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions, all berries and strawberries, all brassicas, all fruit trees, avocadoes, persimmons, citrus, all nut trees, vineyards, kiwifruit, tropical fruit, lettuce, asparagus, all melons, beans, ginger, ornamentals, cut flowers and pastures.

Always run a compatibility test before spraying this product with other chemicals.

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Product Details (%/w/w): Zinc 8.5 | Iron 4.25 | Manganese 5.67 |

Note: This product is not certified organic.


10kg, 2kg

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