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BIOMIN ZINC is a readily bio-available single-mineral plant product. The highlights of such a product include almost total absorption within a few hours after application.

BIOMIN ZINC is applicable at almost all stages, benefiting your plants and produce by:

  • Corrects Zinc deficiency.
  • Deliver Zinc before flowering to improve the flowering process, thus aiding in an improved fruit set.
  • Reduces loss through fruit drop.
  • Increases overall health and mineral balance of plants.
  • Prevents plant and fruit susceptibility to disease.

BIOMIN ZINC is designed for soil and/or foliar applications. Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied in accordance with directions.

Always run a compatibility test before spraying this product with other chemicals. 


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Product Details (%/w/w): Zinc 20.0 | Nitrogen 6.2

RSF Biogro seal

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