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FULZYME PLUS is a beneficial inoculant, containing billions of valuable spores of bacteria Bacillus subtilis plus amino acids; specifically designed to benefit your plants and produce by improving soil fertility and plant health.

As a consequence of its multi biological activities, soils treated with FULZYME PLUS will become a better and healthier environment for plants to grow and proliferate.

FULZYME PLUS is very stable in formulation and can be used on all horticultural crops at almost any stage of growth.

FULZYME PLUS has the following critical advantages:

  • Produces natural and beneficial substances essential for plant productivity and performance.
  • Solubilises Phosphorous, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and other locked up elements, making them readily available to the roots.
  • Aids in decomposing organic matter and plant residues.
  • Is non-corrosive. It is a biological product recommended for all types of crops. It is a non-pollutant and is non-toxic.

FULZYME PLUS plays an important role in decomposing organic matter present in the soil as well as plant debris and organic residues, thus releasing organic nutrients to plants.

FULZYME PLUS increases the crops’ performance; hence increasing the volume, weight of any produce resulting in bigger returns.

This product can be applied to ALL crops including all vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions, all berries and strawberries, all brassicas, all fruit trees, avocadoes, persimmons, citrus, all nut trees, vineyards, kiwifruit, tropical fruit, lettuce, asparagus, all melons, beans, ginger, ornamentals, cut flowers and pastures.


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Product Details (ml): Bacillus subtilis 2×1010 cfu/mL + amino acids

Biogro Certified


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