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SUPERZYME contains beneficial bacteria and fungi that enhance soil life. Soil is a living entity occupied by micro flora and fauna. Billions of organisms live in the soil and form dynamic relationships, some antagonistic and other synergistic. A healthy soil is one where all the organisms the plant requires are present and functioning. The use of SUPERZYME re-introduces these beneficial organisms that plants require to function normally.

Plants grow in optimal conditions when the correct ratio of fungi to bacteria is present, and ratio of predator to prey is present. Using beneficial inoculums such as Superzyme will enable the plant to function at optimal conditions.

SUPERZYME is applicable to crops and soils at all stages, specifically designed to benefit your plants and produce by:

  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Increasing beneficial organisms in the soil
  • Increasing flower and fruit set, giving higher yields of quality fruit
  • Improving soil structure through humic compounds produced
  • Improving growth, vigour & root proliferation
  • Improving seed germination
  • Increasing plant survival rate

SUPERZYME can be used on: wine grapes, table grapes, deciduous fruits, nuts, citrus, raspberries, cotton, vegetables, asparagus, corn, carrots, onions, garlic, capsicums, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, legumes, sorghum, turf grass, ornamental, horticultural, and nursery plants.


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Product Details: Bacillus subtilis | Pseudomonas putida | Trichoderma koningii | Trichoderma harzianum | 2 x 10active spores per gram

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