Reduce Valuable Nutrient Loss and Environmental Nitrate Issues in Water Using Mobilizer 

It is key to understand the role that soil health plays in the success of your crops’ performance. A common challenge faced by growers is the loss of valuable nutrients from the soil through excess rain or irrigation causing leaching especially on certain soils such as stoney silt loam, or soils low in organic matter, impacting the overall productivity of your crops and affecting our environment. 

At Roots, Shoots & Fruits, we have a highly beneficial product called Mobilizer, which is a soil and plant electrolyte consisting of a mixture of macromolecules. Mobilizer is a long carbon chain product that can increase the uptake of mineral nutrients from the soil both native and applied, delivering them to your plants to overcome deficiencies or stress. This natural transportation tool collects minerals that may otherwise leach through the soil profile into water systems. Designed to mobilise and naturally chelate the macro and microelements, this Fulvic Acid product is arguably the most valuable input in biological agriculture.

Understanding the Challenge: Soil Nutrient Loss

The health of our soil serves as the foundation for the prosperity and quality of our crops. Yet, modern day farming practices often lead to the gradual depletion of crucial nutrients, and Organic Matter.

This depletion is exacerbated by factors such as erosion, leaching, runoff, and irrigation which contribute to the gradual loss of these vital elements from the soil. As a consequence, the fertility, vitality and soil structure diminishes over time, impacting the overall success of your crops.  This leads to applications of bulk fertiliser products and particularly NPK being applied to soils that are low in organic matter materials and therefore low in Cation Exchange Capacity and Water Holding Capacity.  Nitrogen and phosphorus in particular will end up in water systems destroying aquatic life and human water for consumption.

Mobilizer is a transformative solution, offering a fresh perspective to nutrient management. Mobilizer is specifically designed to increase crop production, overcome abiotic stress such as drought, whilst counteracting nutrient loss. Simply apply directly to the soil, directly to crops or grass, applied with seed at planting or with fertiliser applications. 

Passive Organic Matter materials such as Fulvic and Humic acids revolutionise our approach to these type of fertiliser applications, by utilising natural materials that have extremely large C.E.C and Water Holding Capacity and are also natural plant electrolytes to nurture and bring back health to your soil whilst sustaining your income.  

The Mobilizer Advantage

  • Mobilizer is not another additional product; it’s an inexpensive way to ensure nutrient retention and delivery of expensive fertilisers to your plants.This not only enhances the efficiency of fertilisation but also reduces the need for frequent applications.
  • Mobilizer increases yield productivity and income.
  • Moblizer is a natural and inexpensive way to assist with abiotic plant stress such as heat and drought;  it contains no salt.  
  • Mobilizer is a safe and easy to use liquid product solution that could be applied through boom spray fertigation or pretty much whatever way is feasible to your operation.  
  • Mobilizer overcomes environmental issues such as Nitrate leaching which leads to atrophication of water streams including lakes and destroying water for human consumption.

Made from natural and organic ingredients, Mobilizer supports environmentally friendly farming practices, ensuring you not only get optimal results but also contribute to the long-term health of our planet.

Read the Mobilizer product information sheet here.

Invest in Your Soil’s Future with Mobilizer

Say goodbye to nutrient loss and embrace a future where your soil is nurtured, protected, and empowered to foster abundant growth. Shop Roots, Shoots & Fruits Mobilizer today! 

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