Seaweed Alternative: Fulvic Acid Reduces Heat and Drought Stress of Plants by aiding Water Retention

Fulvic Acid strikes again!

Last month we introduced the miracle molecule, Fulvic Acid, that acts as a carrier to supply plants with more minerals from the soil than it would uptake under control conditions. If we didn’t totally convince you of it’s life-giving, yield increasing and growth enhancing properties, we have even MORE reasons for you to become a fan…

Summer Stress and Seaweed Costs

Summer is the season growers think about how to retain moisture so their crops and plants don’t suffer heat or drought stress.
It is very common for us to see growers invest significant amounts of money in seaweed and other products to assist in alleviating plant stress. We would love to improve awareness of the highly effective alternative to using seaweed; Mobilizer (our Fulvic Acid product), which has potential for significant cost savings.

Let’s Take a Look at the Data

As always, at Roots, Shoots & Fruits we don’t rely on hear-say or BBQ gossip when we advise growers on how to support healthy, robust crops, we rely on field data. And the data is clear:

  1. Fulvic acid aids photosynthesis – leaves sprayed with fulvic acid have tested higher levels of chlorophyll than control plants
  2. Spraying with Fulvic Acid increased the yield considerably of plants under draught conditions
  3. When Fulvic Acid was used to decrease water stress imposed by hot, dry winds, yield increased from 7.3% to 18% in grain crops
  4. Transpiration rates of leaves dropped significantly in apple crops by 38% to 2% in trial crops, and leaf water rate improved
  5. The sprayed application showed significantly improved water status of fruit trees
  6. All trials showed increased yield and fruit size.

What About the Cost of Fulvic Acid?

The effectiveness of Fulvic Acid is only one part of the equation. We have found in our research that the cost of Fulvic Acid per hectare is (at MOST) the same price to apply as seaweed or alternative products, and more often than not, it is actually HALF the price per Ha. Mobilizer currently (at time of writing this in January 2019) is approximately $20.00 Ha and hand-on-heart would make an excellent choice, especially considering the vast array of benefits – remember our first article? It’s not only water retention we’re talking about here.
Mobilizer enhanced activity in promoting plant growth, yield increases, disease reduction and stress resistance making it a very viable option for high-value crops and broad acre!
Another attribute Fulvic Acid is known for is reducing heavy-metal stress in crops, but we’ll save that for another article. I’m sure we’ll be writing for years on the benefits of Fulvic Acid, we can’t applaud it enough for what it can achieve for plant health and crop yield, and we know once you try it you’ll also be hooked.
Stay tuned for more trial data on Mobilizer on commercial crops in NZ.

Where Can You Find Mobilizer?

As with all of our products you can order and buy it through any good ag retailer, or order via our online shop here for lifestyle blocks, and stay tuned for our release of home gardening sized products next week!
For any crop questions about Mobilizer please email rsf@rd2.co.nz

***Data Sources include: The Benefits of Fulvic AcidEffects of Anti-transpirants to Water Status of Apple TreesInfluence of FA on Photosynthesis and Transpiration Rate of Populus euramericana,  The effect of foliar application of fulvic acid on water use, nutrient uptake and yield in wheat.