Soil vs foliar fertiliser in your home garden

Cultivating your own home garden can be a fulfilling exercise, giving many physical and mental health benefits. Whether you’re a natural green thumb or budding garden enthusiast (pun intended!), there is a great sense of accomplishment in successfully growing your own veggies or nurturing a floral masterpiece. However, understanding the ins and outs of what nutrients your plants need and how best to feed them can be overwhelming. We all know plants take up nutrients through their roots. And it’s true that fertilising the soil is a critical part of maintaining your garden. But, did you know that plants can also absorb nutrients through their leaves? This is called ‘foliar fertilisation’ and, if used correctly, it can do wonders for your garden.

Healthy, nutrient-rich soil

Looking after your soil is basic gardening 101. Without healthy, nutrient-rich soil, your horticultural dreams will be a non-starter. Roots, Shoots & Fruits products are designed to benefit your garden at all stages, and they’re BioGro approved. No toxic chemicals here! 

Here are some ingredients to familiarise yourself with:

Humic Acid

Humic acid plays a hugely important role in making sure your plants have access to the nutrients they need. Basically, humic acid increases the soil’s ability to hold water AND increases the ability of the plants to obtain and uptake nutrients. You can read more about this soil superstar here.

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Fertile soil requires a vibrant ecosystem of soil organisms. These organisms help break down organic matter into nutrients that are usable by plants. One such organism that does a great deal of heavy lifting is Mycorrhizal Fungi. These fungi do wonders for your plant’s ability to access hard to get nutrients and improve plant fitness to make them more resilient in the face of poor conditions like drought or excess rain. This article discusses the long list of ways Mycorrhizal Fungi benefit you and the environment and why it should be part of your home garden. 


Why Foliar Fertilisation?

Foliar fertilisation is an extremely useful method to supplement your soil fertilising regime. Foliar application takes advantage of a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients through pores, and openings called stomata, in their leaves. Some bioavailable foliar fertilisers such as Glycine chelates are able to permeate the plant cell membrane and so are absorbed straight into the leaf. While keeping your soil healthy is important, not using foliar fertilisers can hinder plant growth. 

For example, if you inspect your plants and notice any signs of nutrient deficiency such as yellowing leaves or distinctive patterns, treating the soil may not resolve the issue quickly enough. Applying nutrients directly to the leaves is a much more efficient way to spot fix deficiencies as they arise. 

Also, gardeners need to be aware that plants require different nutrients in different quantities. Using a foliar application, you can target certain plants with the specific nutrients they require which will result in stronger plants and more nutrient-dense produce. 

Roots, Shoots and Fruits offer a range of products for your gardening needs that are completely organic. Our range of BIOMIN products uses patented technology to deliver the best, most highly available products to plants. There is no longer any need to use synthetic fertilisers that are less effective and worse for the environment. Check out some of our products in our shop below.


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