Sow, Grow, and Save the Planet: Harnessing Organic Fertilisers and Carbon Sequestration.

As we enter the colourful season of spring, in our gardens, it’s time for growers to roll up their sleeves and begin new season plantings. 

This time of the year allows growers to plant new and exciting crops to re-evaluate their space, and incorporate sustainable practices that can positively impact your soil and the planet. 

Spring is the best time to sow seeds, including carrots, beetroot, peas, lettuce, cabbage, tomato, capsicum, cucumber, melon and eggplant. 

Continue reading as we explore how organic fertilisers and beneficial biologicals can improve the health of your soil and produce and help balance the delicate carbon cycle through the process of carbon sequestration, all in your spring garden.

A Green Approach to Growth. 

We often think of a ‘green’ approach to growing as being the same as ‘organic’ growing, but these terms do not mean the same thing. Organic refers to the way we grow without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers overseen by a certification company to prove its authenticity adhering to strict environmental regulations, whilst a product that benefits our environment is often referred to as being ‘green’.

However, these meanings can be intertwined. At Roots, Shoots & Fruits, our products are organically certified and manufactured with ingredients safe for humans, the environment, and plants. They are also classified as ‘green’ due to the positive impact they have on the health of soil and the health of the planet. 

Instead of relying on commonly used synthetic chemicals, using organic mineral nutrition that is chelated to be highly bio-available to your plants and adding beneficial fungi and bacteria to your garden routine will revitalise your soil and give your precious plants the best possible environment in which to thrive. This in turn, has a positive effect on our health and the health of our planet.

Natures Climate Warrior 

Hold onto your gardening gloves; we’re diving into one of nature’s most impressive wonders: carbon sequestration. It might sound fancy, but it’s nature’s way of maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by removing it and storing it in either solid or liquid form.

We are all aware that greenhouse gas emissions are causing the earth to warm at an alarming rate and have major impacts on the climate.  The planet naturally releases and absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide, but currently, the carbon cycle is out of balance.  Carbon dioxide is being added to the air faster than the planet’s sinks can absorb (or sequester) it. 

So, how can your garden play a part in this natural cycle? The magic happens underneath your feet, in the soil.  It is well known that soil, along with the ocean, is an important carbon sink for the planet, capable of storing much more carbon than vegetation alone.  

Healthy soils, teeming with beneficial microbes, store more carbon. So, when you’re out in your garden, you’re not just creating a beautiful space. You’re actively participating in a process that can mitigate the ravages of climate change. A reminder that even the smallest actions we take in our own backyard can have far-reaching effects for us and the natural world.  

To read more about fighting climate change in your garden, read this article here.

The Dynamic Duo: Rootella (Mycorrhizal fungi) and Superzyme 

When you’re planting this spring, add Rootella, mycorrhizal fungi, to your soil for plants that thrive and soil that is alive with beneficial fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi are the best friends a plant could ever have! 

Adding Mycorrhizal fungi to your soil forms a network of microscopic threads that extend the plant’s root reach, allowing increased access to water and nutrients. Not only that, but these fungi help minimise drought stress and improve disease resistance, as well as stabilise soil and produce Glomalin, a vital link in carbon sequestration.   

The diagram below shows the difference Rootella, mycorrhizal fungi can make to your soil with benefits both above and below ground, in comparison to untreated plants. 

Partner Rootella with Superzyme, and you have a dynamic duo that will help your plants thrive in all conditions!

Superzyme contains beneficial bacteria and fungi that enhance soil life. Soil is a living entity occupied by microflora and fauna.  A healthy soil is one where all the organisms the plant requires are present and functioning. The use of Superzyme re-introduces these beneficial organisms that plants require to function at optimal conditions.

Before introducing new plants to your spring garden, consider our powerhouse pairing to amplify your plants’ potential.

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