Summerfruit Season – What to Apply to Your Garden Now

Summer is just around the corner and that means we have a wealth of delicious fruits to look forward to. But why get them from the supermarket when you can grow your own in your backyard? If that interests you, it is important to prepare your garden beforehand to make it truly fruitful this Summer.

Here are some things to consider applying to your garden right now:

Clean out your garden

When preparing for the summer season, it’s a good idea to clean away any debris such as sticks and foliage that has been shed by your plants, which can often harbour pathogens. Also, take the time to inspect your plants for any signs of damage that may be caused by a pest infestation. Clean up your plants by pruning them to remove any dead or diseased branches to make way for new growth in the Summer and apply beneficial organisms to the soil and foliage.

Indicators like discoloured or dead leaves may be a symptom of a nutrient deficiency. It is not uncommon for plants to suffer from deficiencies in nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and iron and you should take steps to reverse these issues immediately. Applying a fertiliser such as Biomin Iron through foliar application (applying directly to the leaves) can offer a fast acting solution to these types of nutrient deficiencies.

Preparing your soil

Good quality soil that’s well maintained is the foundation of a healthy garden. Summer fruits generally need soil that is around a pH of 6.5-7.0, has good drainage and a stable structure. Soil testing kits are affordable and readily available at any retailer that stocks gardening products. They are easy to use and give you a good idea of the pH of your soil.

Applying a layer of compost on top of the soil provides a rich source of organic material that releases nutrients slowly as they are broken down by microorganisms in the soil. This helps to rejuvenate the soil and keep plants fed over the long term. It also adds texture to the soil that helps with the soil’s structure and drainage.

Well structured soil with proper drainage is important. Using products like our line of mycorrhizal fungi and humic acid can be a huge help in this regard. Mycorrhizal fungi produce a vast network of tiny strands that connect to the roots of your plants and effectively extend their reach, enabling them to better absorb nutrients. Humic acid increases the soil’s ability to retain water which also improves a plant’s ability to access nutrients.

Planning your summer garden

There are many delicious summer fruits that you might consider growing this season. Berries like raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are a versatile option that can be grown in the ground or a pot. Fruit trees can be an interesting option and many come in dwarf varieties that can be grown in a pot on the patio if you have limited space. But remember plants growing in pots need more attention in terms of mineral nutrition as their access is limited.

Early Spring is the best time to apply a nitrogen-rich fertiliser to inspire foliage growth and give plants the energy they need to produce a good harvest in the Summer season. Applying nitrogen fertiliser in late Spring or Summer, however, may lead to excessive foliage growth that takes energy away from fruit-bearing and attracts pest and disease

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