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Standard Terms of Trade – March 2022 -2023

The applicant/customer acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions and other Policy Terms found on this site embody the whole agreement between both parties and agree to be bound to them. Purchase of product whether via this website or purchased directly over the phone due to a malfunction of this website store or for any other reason means acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The customer shall make payments for all goods supplied and services rendered within the terms specified by Roots, Shoots & Fruits Limited (“RSF”).  The customer acknowledges that these terms will enable RSF to exercise all of its rights, including the right to supply further goods if applicable,  take legal action if applicable, and for the recovery of any and all sums outstanding if applicable.

All invoices are to be paid within 14 days, unless otherwise approved or stated on the invoice.  The customer acknowledges that any other agreed payment terms are determined by the quantity of the orders placed with RSF and at RSF’s discretion. Webstore orders are paid for in advance via credit card or options advised at shop site.

The account holder’s credit card details may be placed on file at the commencement of Trade which will be utilized only in the case where the payment date does not fall within terms specified. This may ensure that you do not incur penalty interest, late payment fees, or the costs of legal action for recovery.

Should payment remain outstanding beyond RSF’s terms as outlined above, the customer agrees to pay interest at a rate equal to five percent per calendar month on all amounts outstanding from the due date until the date of payment.

Where a full box outer or a pallet is purchased, freight free terms may apply to account holders, otherwise, freight, packaging/handling costs will be invoiced and sent via email or forwarded at time of webstore purchase.
Please request a packing schedule for product descriptions, product codes, pack sizes, outers, and availability if required.

Goods shall be delivered to the address specified on purchase orders, or on the website order form as the address for delivery. All orders should be accompanied by a purchase order number,  name and all other information as requested from time to time or as stated on RSF webstore.

All orders must be received in writing – preferably email to avoid errors. Purchase through RSF Webstore fulfils this order request. Freight and handling will be charged at Roots, Shoots & Fruits standard rates and shipped by RSF’s courier or freight company unless the customer specifies their own carrier, the possibility of which will be at RSF’s discretion.

Claims and/or Returns
All claims and or returns can only be made within 7 days of purchase (under the provision that they are in good condition as received).
All returns must have a return request by mail or email to RSF for Roots, Shoots & Fruits prior approval and must include the following information:
The product name and quantity
Your company name and address and the date of purchase/purchase order no.
Reason for return.

RSF will confirm acceptance of the returned goods by email, provide an address for return delivery and replace or provide a Note of Credit to the customer.

Please note there is a ‘No Return Policy’ on our biological organisms due to the nature of the products.

For further returns information please go to our specific ‘Online store returns policy’ found here:

Default and Cancellation
Either party may cancel any order immediately if the other party becomes bankrupt, ceases business, goes into liquidation, becomes insolvent, appoints a receiver or enters into formal proposal for a compromise with creditors under the Companies Act 1993.

Ownership of Goods (Products)
All stock at hand remains the property of RSF until all outstanding amounts have been settled. Prices are subject to change without notice. Where possible 30 days’ notice will be given on impending price changes for account holders.

Compliance with New Zealand Laws and regulations
The applicant/ customer agrees they are complying with all New Zealand laws and regulations, including but not limited to the misuse of Drugs Act 1975. In its use or on-selling of Dynomyco, Rootella or any RSF products.
The Applicant / Customer acknowledges that it is unlawful to cultivate cannabis without an appropriate licence from the Medical Cannabis Agency and that licence numbers and proof from appropriate government agencies is required to be supplied to Roots, Shoots & Fruits prior to purchase of goods.
The Applicant / Customer acknowledges that providing misleading, deceptive, or false information in respect of using Dynomyco or other Roots, Shoots & Fruits products for the purpose of cultivating cannabis or other regulated substance will constitute an essential breach of Roots, Shoots & Fruits Terms, and upon breach of such Terms, Roots, Shoots & Fruits will have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.
The Applicant will be required to indemnify Roots, Shoots & Fruits against all claims, proceedings, damages, actions, legal costs and other liabilities incurred by Roots, Shoots & Fruits as a result of the Applicant / Customer not supplying appropriate information.
Purchase of product acknowledges acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity
Roots, Shoots & Fruits Ltd. does not accept liability for any and all losses, expenses, fees, legal costs and /or damages, claims or judgments incurred or borne in the course of the distribution and retail of the named products by the customer / applicant or by its employees or representatives due to off-label use of products and services or in association with the off-label use of any product. Roots, Shoots & Fruits do not warrant these products except as specified in writing on label.
RSF cannot be held liable for the effectiveness of any product or for any damage resulting from the application of any product if any product is used in a manner that is not 100% in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended application criteria or written supplier recommendations or if the product has been changed in any way.
The customer is responsible for accurate application of the product and in particular, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the product is not used in conjunction with other products, especially products containing copper, unless such use is specifically recommended on the product label. 
In any event the applicant / customer indemnifies Roots, Shoots & Fruits Ltd for any liability that it may be found to have in relation to the incorrect application of its named products and services.
Purchase of Product acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and limits any claim to the cost of the product.

Website Terms and Conditions of Use – March 2022 -2023

By accessing the Roots, Shoots & Fruits (RSF) website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Please read carefully and completely the terms of the agreement which follows. 

By using this website, you accept this disclaimer in full. If you disagree with any part of this disclaimer, please do not use or any affiliated websites or companies. 

RSF reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, so please check back periodically for any changes.

All information and resources found on are based on the personal experience RSF has had in analysing nutritional deficiencies in plants and soil for two decades in New Zealand. All information is general in nature and intended to educate readers to make their own plant nutrition decisions after consulting with a plant nutrition specialist to advise on their specific situation.

RSF encourages you to consult a plant nutrition specialist before applying any products to your soil or plants, especially if you are trying to alleviate a specific issue. NO information on this website should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition of plants or human health.

Comment Policy
RSF do not allow comments on blog posts as they are purely sharing my knowledge, not conducting a forum. 

Trial Data
RSF publishes as many trials as we can find from other growers around the world that use their products. This data provides a basis for our recommendations and advice, based on the information they have collected. Users are welcome to read through the data to educate themselves on the finer details and variables involved in each trial and make informed decisions for themselves. It in no way guarantees the same outcome in their crop; it is there for reference.

RSF publish testimonials from their own customers to share their comments and feedback on their products, again, as information so you can read and make your own informed decision on the products you use. It in no way guarantees the same outcome in your crop; it is there for reference purposes.

Blog Disclaimer
None of the employees of Roots, Shoots & Fruits can be responsible for your use of the information contained in the Roots, Shoots & Fruits blog entries.

Use at your own risk: Roots, Shoots & Fruits blog articles are meant purely for information pertaining to plant and soil nutrition, in particular relating to the use of their products. It contains only general information about plant and soil nutritional issues. It is not customised advice for your plants or soil, and should not be treated as such.

Limitation of warranties: The nutritional information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Roots, Shoots & Fruits makes no representations or warranties in relation to the nutritional information on this website.

Professional assistance: You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to customised advice from your chosen professional plant and soil nutrition advisor. If you have any specific questions about any plant or soil nutrition matter, you should consult your professional plant and soil nutrition advisor.

No guarantee of success: Roots, Shoots & Fruits makes no representation and extends no warranty of any kind with respect to any results, goods, services, rights or other subject matter of its blogs and Roots, Shoots & Fruits hereby disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Past performance: The performance and results represented in our blog or any other document or material supplied on the Roots, Shoots & Fruits blog is historical and is not a reliable indicator of future results and users of the blog may not receive the same results.

Can you republish this site’s original content?
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can share & adapt the original content on Roots, Shoots & Fruits ONLY IF you attribute it and do not use it for commercial purposes. If you remix, transform or build upon the material, you must attribute our contributions under the same license as the original.

Social Media Disclaimer – March 2022 -2023

Roots, Shoots & Fruits operates a Facebook page at and an Instagram page at (“Social Media”) and welcomes visitor feedback, comments and discussion.

We use our Social Media activity to develop strong customer and community relationships as well as to foster engagement by sharing information.

We adhere to Facebook and Instagram’s guidelines and Terms of Use and remind users that they are held under the same obligations when they use these social media sites.

Roots, Shoots & Fruits posts and shares information on its Social Media that it finds useful or relevant to our industry of plant nutrition. This does not constitute an official diagnosis of your own plant’s nutritional deficiencies or recommendation of how to fix them.

Any information provided on our Advice is general in nature and does not replace a professional opinion on your unique plant nutrition situation. Any content, including posts, pictures, responses from other parties, videos on our social media sites should be considered general in nature and not professional advice unique to your situation.

Opinions or views expressed from third parties posted on our social media platforms aren’t endorsed, or representative of Roots, Shoots & Fruits and we in no way take responsibility for other people’s personal opinions or experiences.

Roots, Shoots & Fruits reserves the right to remove any post, comment or other content if necessary at its own discretion and without notice.

Roots, Shoots and Fruits cannot accept any legal liability for any errors or omissions or damages resulting from reliance on the information contained in our Social Media content.

Roots, Shoots and Fruits does not assume any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any posting to its Social Media. Users agree to waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies against Roots, Shoots and Fruits with respect to these rules, including, but not limited to, posting, posting restrictions, deletions or moves, and member restrictions, removals or blocks.

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