Boulevarde Nurseries Mildura | Tri-D25

Please accept that we have used the product TRI-D25 supplied by your company in our nursery for the past 3 grapevine propagation seasons. During the first season, it was used only on an experimental basis. The respective trials were not clearly defined enough for us to draw any firm conclusions about its effectiveness in combating soil-borne diseases. The following year once again was not entirely conclusive, although a better percentage take with our 800,000 grapevine grafting was perceived.

Last season, in the winter/spring of 1997, we used Tricoderma extensively in the propagation of 13. million grapevine grafting, and we now believe that the addition of Trichoderma to our soil-less potting media has a definite benefit to the percentage taken and strength of our vine grafting product. We have attained success rates in excess of 85% in this form of “bench grafting” as compared to 60-65%, takes some two years ago. This added percentage take contributes to the effectiveness of Trichoderma in reducing the load of various pathogenic soil organisms present.

Our use of various forms of Trichoderma will now be ongoing.

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