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When we threw out the challenge for you to assist us to ripen a particularly heavy crop of Shiraz (approximately 30 tonnes to the hectare) on vines that were, in our opinion, too young to practice R.D.I on, we thought it was going to be very difficult. However, it ripened well, even in a dense canopy.

Merlot and Chardonnay, Ruby Cabernet and Colombard all produced excellent quality fruit and good yields. Excellent Premiums were achieved for much of our harvest. We, as always, used your Humic Acid products, Humax and Biomate and TRI-D25, in our Nursery, but this year also trialled your other products, including Fertile, with excellent responses. We also used your K-Forte in the vineyard with excellent results.

The condition and health of our soils continue to improve due in part, I am sure, to the use of Humic Acid. We have open soils with huge earthworm numbers in our non-cultivated vineyards.

We intend to conduct more trials of your products and programs at our new site in Victoria, with a stepping up of the use of your nutrition program to cover our entire NSW vineyards this season.

B. Chalmers – Chalmers Nurseries Pty Ltd

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