Dog Point Vineyards | Humax, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Superzyme

A commercially-viable and environmentally-sustainable approach to soil health and plant nutrition

With low organic matter and substantial earth movements on hilly blocks, Dog Point Vineyards has found the application of JH Biotech products has aided vine establishment.

Nigel Sowman, the viticulturist at Marlborough’s Dog Point Vineyards Ltd, had been looking for a commercially-viable and environmentally-sustainable approach to soil health and plant nutrition.

“We wanted to improve on the low organic matter and nutrient status of our vineyards, as well as our hilly regions where there have been substantial earth movements,” explains Nigel.

After discussions with their Fruitfed Supplies’ field representative Blair McLean, Humax® was applied via fertigation on the hilly areas of the vineyard to improve soil structure. Blair recommended the use of Humax (80% humic acid) on the sloping blocks, as well as Mycormax® and Superzyme® (biological organisms) on their new plantings.

Nigel believes Humax delivered terrific results.

“Humax application via fertigation was easy, the aim is to free up and stimulate the tightly-packed soils. Superzyme and Mycormax were applied as a root dip on new plantings which went into poor ground, low in organic matter and nutrients. There were initial water supply issues, but despite all this, I am thrilled, as we have had the best take ever, with all plants well up to and along the wire with good spurs to achieve a well-structured plant after the first year. There have been no issues with disease or die-back.”

With the cost of production continually increasing, it is essential to get the best from your inputs, resources and vines from the very beginning, comments Blair.

“It’s worth discussing the sustainable products in the JH Biotech range to see how their innovative approach to soil and plant health can aid your crop”.

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