Dr Bala | Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal Fungi

There is good evidence that Trichoderma and/or Michorrhizal Fungi assist in the uptake of nutrients and suppress antagonistic soil pathogens during the vines’ establishment. The following treatment is recommended for new and replacement vines and comes courtesy of Growers Business Development Manager Dr Rengassamy Balasubramaniam (Dr Bala) at Delegat’s Wine Estate.

Dip vine roots (still in the bundles) in the treatment, ensuring roots are coated. The mixture needs to be continually agitated to keep it in suspension (use an electric or battery drill with a paint mixer attachment):

  • Mycormax 1kg (symbiotic Mycorrhizal Fungi)
  • Superzyme 1kg (2 strains of beneficial Tricoderma fungi and 2 species of beneficial bacteria)
  • Zeba 1kg (super-absorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch that helps the mix adhere to the vine roots and then slowly releases moisture after planting)
  • 125 litres of water

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