Dr Mary Cole | Tri-D25

After 30 years in the wine industry, I was pleased to see a product that reduces Botrytis bunch rot in the critical period leading up to harvest. Chemicals available as botryticides are not effective under a high disease pressure, and none are registered for the period leading up to harvest growers are increasingly frustrated with the waste of money on chemicals, more so in these times of very low grape prices.

I must say I am impressed with what I see and would now like to incorporate the product into the Botrytis Best Practice Protocols that many growers are now using as the result of my research back in 2003-04.

I would like to suggest that a series of workshops incorporating the Botrytis Best Practice Protocols with Tri-D25 in new Integrated Pest and Disease Management Protocols for growers throughout Australia is the next move. Growers have been waiting for a product such as Tri-D25 for many years. They understand the need to reduce chemical use and go with environmental best practices, and Tri-D25 will allow them to do this.

Congratulations on giving the industry a much-needed, environmentally-friendly product that appears to work in the way it advertises.

As you are aware, Botrytis is a major pathogen of over 500 agricultural and horticultural crops in Australia and around the world. This product has a much wider application than just viticulture. I see its application as unlimited in protection from Botrytis rot in Australia.

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