Holy Oak Orchard | Superzyme

TRI-D25 and Superzyme have helped in the revival of some of my persimmon trees.

I decided to trial TRI-D25 as I had some wet areas in the orchard. After using TRI-D25 on stressed trees in the wet areas, I noticed a huge improvement in the health of those trees.

However, TRI-D25 has the best efficacy when temperatures are above 15C and I wanted to protect the plants when they were coming out of dormancy at lower temperatures. I discussed this with Molly Callaghan at RSF and she suggested I switch to Superzyme.

Superzyme is effective in cooler temperatures and so I was able to apply the product before the appearance of disease symptoms.

Since then, I have made two applications of Superzyme every season. My trees are healthy and Phytophthora is no longer an issue. I have lost very few trees over the past 10 years, compared to some in the industry who suggest 10% loss/year in wet ground.

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