Jaap Loef Carnations | Phoscare, Mobilizer, Superzyme

Reduced plant losses to as little as 5% compared to at least 30% losses

“I have been very impressed with all the products I am using from Roots, Shoots and Fruits ltd.
Paula O’Hanlon first introduced me to Roots, Shoots and Fruits Ltd in April 2013 and since starting with their products I have noticed huge improvements.
Fusarium has been a major problem for me in the past and as the plants get older, usually into their second year, large empty spaces of missing plants and reduced production has been common. No amounts of fungicides seemed able to remedy this situation. Even steam sterilising was not stopping it. Since using a combination of steam sterilising then Phoscare, Mobilizer and Superzyme at regular intervals in combination with my normal fertigation programme I have reduced my losses to as little as 5% compared to at least 30% losses in two-year-old plants in the past.”

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“I’ve been very impressed with production to date. (see photo). Usually, when the plants are two years old I am looking to replace them, but it is hard to consider this when our current production is so good. I highly recommend Phoscare, Mobilizer and Superzyme for improving plant health and managing disease issues.

Jaap Loef – Testimonial

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