Kiwi Gardener | Rootella T

What’s the deal?

Looking a little like vermiculite or powder (depending on which form of it you use), Rootella contains mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) that colonise a plant’s roots. As the fungi develop, their hyphae (fungal strands) reach out through the soil, gathering moisture and nutrients that they feed back to the plant’s root zone. In return, the plant provides sugars for the fungi to feed on. Mycorrhizae greatly increase the area from which a plant can draw its food because the hyphae stretch out further than the plant’s roots can reach.

How do you use it?

Depending on the form you purchase it in, Rootella can be used as an additive to growing mixes, dusting onto roots, or adding to planting holes. It is also available as Rootella T, where the product is encased in an easy-to-use, tea bag-style packaging, making it simple to get planting hole dosage just right.

What’s to love?

Ornamentals and edibles will chomp down on all the nutrients you can throw at them, and Rootella is happy to source it for them. Best of all, Rootella T is an organic product. Even newbies can use Rootella T because the pre-packaged dose is already bagged for them. Rootella T increases drought resistance, boosts pathogen tolerance and improves the survival rates of new plantings. I can vouch that it helped me to grow the giant potato of my dreams.

Could do better.

It’s always reassuring when packaging is recyclable or home-compostable. Fingers crossed, it won’t be long until all Rootella products are available this way.

Value for money.

I’m always on the lookout for effective organic nutrient boosters, so Rootella from Roots, Shoots & Fruits get a thumbs up from me

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