Mark Mudgewa, Apples | Fulzyme Plus

I manage a 35ha pip fruit orchard in the Hawkes bay region; within this area, I have four satellite bocks. Recently, I have noticed small areas of European Canker increasing in size and moving into and throughout my satellite blocks. At the end of the harvest season 2014, after advice from our local Roots, Shoots & Fruits representative Richard Smith, I applied three applications of Fulzyme Plus at 1 Litre/ha with 1000 litres of water/ha.

The first application was after harvest, the second was applied with bad weather during the leaf fall period, and the third application was at 100% leaf fall.

During this growing season, I have been very happy with the ongoing results. Any canker stings have dried up, and infected bark has fallen off. Growth around or near the canker areas is healthy and not re-infected by canker.

I will be applying Fulzyme Plus to all my blocks after harvest this year 2015. It is nice to have a safe tool in our spray shed to help with tree health.

Mark Mudgeway

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