Mount Pleasant | TRI-D25 and K-Forte


We started trailing Trichoderma over the last two seasons on Tony’s recommendation as a soil fumigant originally for control of Utypa, Botryspheria, Phomopsis and Fusarium Oxysporium. The results so far have been very encouraging, with markedly increased vine vigour and higher yields of quality fruit. We also found it was most beneficial in the control of Botrytis Cinerea, particularly at the version when no other control is possible. We are very interested in exploring the full potential of this product.


We have for some years been experimenting with various forms and applications of Potassium to assist with ripening our grapes and, in the case of red varieties, to help increase the colour. In 1996 we trialled K-Forte, K-Komplex and Potassium Nitrate as Foliar sprays at version. The K-Forte proved the best formula giving us better colour and an increase in sugar levels allowing us to pick fruit earlier and lessen the danger of fruit loss. K-Forte is now being used in our version spray programme after finding we had no problems with pH or Polyphenols. We also found that the canopy maintains its colour longer and is less likely to suffer sunburn (solar radiation).

Fertile & Humax:

We incorporated Fertile and Humax in our fertilizer programme in the 1996/1997 season, and the results have shown increased vine vigour and good vine structure in our young vineyards. We have been applying the Fertile through our drip irrigation system with the Humax and included both in our 1997/1998 season. I can recommend this programme always with the proviso that soil pH is not too acidic.

Mount Pleasant Vineyard Manager

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