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I wasn’t expecting a change in leaf colour so soon. Tangible evidence your product is systemic and gets into the phloem of the plants.

Paul Quinn, Quinns’ Blueberries Ltd.

Hi Molly & Paula,

I promised Paula I’d keep you updated with our progress with your product.
We applied Phoscare last Thursday evening/Friday early morning to our two greenhouses with PBBB Blueberries (early variety).
The leaves at the time were generally, but with varying degrees of severity, inter-vein pale green and dark green veins. Four days later and the change is impressive.

The leaf colour has essentially “flipped”. That is, virtually all leaves in both blocks are an even, deep, lush green and the veins are a pale/white green. It is now quite startling to see a pale inter-veined leaf (perhaps a few per row) and they tend to be on the new base/ground growth.
We started applying the Biomins & Mobilizer (the second stage of your condensed recommendation) last night (the second greenhouse will be this morning) and because I have to hand-gun on the spray mix, it is affording me a good opportunity to assess the plants’ condition across the entire block.
I wasn’t expecting a change in leaf colour so soon. It is another tangible piece of evidence that your product is systemic and does get into the phloem of the plants. So now I can add Phoscare, alongside Biomin Copper (Re; our leaf-drop program this last winter) to the list of your products that do what they say on the label.

Thank you for your support and care with the recommendations you have been making. We’ll be getting leaf samples of the three outside blocks very soon I hope.

Two of the blocks containing the late-season variety Rahi, are showing extreme signs of pale green inter-veined leaves with dark green veins. So quite keen to get underway in there.

Best regards, Paul.

Paul Quinn, Quinns’ Blueberries Ltd.
393 Marshmeadow Road RD6 Newstead,
Hamilton 3286 New Zealand.
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