Stirling Orchard | Various Products

Bayview is one of the earliest producing Stonefruit regions in New Zealand and this brings challenges such as weather, flavour, size, shelf life etc. With the use of the JH Biotech/Roots, Shoots & Fruits products and services, I have been able to combat these and other issues very successfully.

I have found that the Biomin range is outstanding; products like Biomin Calcium and Biomin Magnesium have genuinely improved all aspects of my fruit, including keeping quality and size. The trace elements (Biomin Zinc, Biomin Boron and Biomin Manganese or the blended products like Biomin Booster V) throughout the season and in the post-harvest period work extremely well in a short window of opportunity. The Biomins have generally helped me to grow well-coloured, flavoursome fruit whilst maintaining tree health.

Other products that I have found success with include Synergizer, especially early in the season to overcome cold periods, K-Forte to bring out the colours, flavours, sugars etc and Phoscare to help with tree health and phosphorous availability.

I would not hesitate to recommend the above products or companies to any horticultural enterprise that may be interested.

Paul Goldfinch – Stirling Orchard

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