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Essential components of high standard fruit, long shelf life, nice flavour and strong, resilient vigorous plant growth.

“I have had a very good relationship with Roots, Shoots and Fruits for a number of years.”

“I use most of their product range in my operation of growing some 9 hectares of strawberries. We find their product range an essential component of my ability to produce a very high standard of quality fruit given long shelf life, very nice flavour and resulting in strong, resilient vigorous plant growth.
Their extensive range of options allows us to micromanage nutritional levels throughout the season and assist in extending my growing season to a good 6 months; particularly during late season production when most other local growers have packed it in and I am still enjoying strong production, quality and flavour.

I confidently recommend RSF and their range of products, after-sales support, leaf testing and analysis/ recommendations to other growers.”

Darien C McFadden (Director)

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