Taimate Vineyard | Superzyme and Mycorrhizal Fungi

300% increase in survival rate with Mycormax and Superzyme dip

“During the recent development of a vineyard in the 2014-15 season we used a biological dip as part of our new vine planting programme. They consisted of Mycormax and Superzyme from Roots, Shoots & Fruits. A sticker was used to bind this to the roots.

The difference between treated and untreated areas was noticeable. The survival of plants on the blocks with the treatment of Mycormax and Superzyme was almost three times that of the untreated areas. This represents a significant cost saving.

We are monitoring this coming season’s production and growth habits of the treated and untreated areas for further potential benefits.

All future developments and re-planting will now be dipped as part of our standard vineyard programme.”

John Hickman
Taimate Vineyard

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