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“Over the moon with how my grapes are looking leading up to this harvest where I have included Biomin”.

In Gisborne, we have experienced some challenging moments during the season with our grape growing and winemaking activities. I grow varieties that are not always mainstream, in New Zealand at least. Chenin Blanc and Riesling are supposedly better suited to a continental climate. They suffer mildew during the summer and later in the season various forms of mould. We know that when this mould becomes “noble” it will produce wines of great destiny.

I have farmed biodynamically since 1984. Over this time I have not used systemic sprays nor sprays to “protect” against botrytis. The chemical industry talks about resistance and disease. We talk about balance, harmony and freedom from “dis-ease” as well as the balance between calcium and silica.

This year I have used your Biomin Calcium for the first time, in earnest. I use other homegrown tonics as well but I have to say that I am over the moon with how my grapes are looking leading up to this harvest where I have included Biomin.

My colleagues have been obliged to harvest their grapes two weeks earlier, due to uncontrolled rot, and we are just starting to harvest tomorrow. I spend any free time walking the vineyard in wonder of the fact that I might be missing something.

My grapes are not rotting. I have some mineral deficiencies, mainly due to rootstocks incompatibilities and I would propose that I use your magnesium next year, with the blessing of Bio-GroNZ.

So Cheers!

I’ve known you for some years now and held you at arm’s length. I’m looking forward to even better things next season. Thank you.

James Millton – The Millton Vineyard Ltd
Roots, Shoots and Fruits – Harvest 2008

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