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Plant survival rates increased to 89% with Superzyme

They say good wine starts in the vineyard, well we believe good wine starts right here from our nursery stock.

I have been very impressed with the survival rates we are achieving since using Superzyme through fertigation to our young nursery plants. Superzyme has given us strong healthy plants resistant to disease which supplies vines for all of our vineyards. We are always looking for sustainable innovative solutions and Superzyme fits the bill.

Superzyme is an organic inoculant containing a mix of beneficial microorganisms that enhances root growth, nutrient uptake and protects our nursery stock from stress and disease.

Superzyme testimonial

We have been regularly inoculating 633,000 young nursery plants via our fertigation system which has increased survival rates to 89%.
Superzyme is easy, safe and effective to use.

Manager Nicoleta Borlea and Vanilson De Souza
Vineyard Stock subsidiary of Villa Maria

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