Top 3 Products For Your Home Garden

Gardening can be an overwhelming experience for some. Sadly, we are not all natural green thumbs! If you are anything like our team, the skills and know-how to maintain a flourishing garden have been developed over many years. 

You may have tried to create your slice of heaven in your backyard but realised the upkeep is too much for you. If this scenario seems familiar, we’re here to help. 

At Roots, Shoots and Fruits, we have developed bundled products that are purposefully selected for your convenience. 

What fertiliser should I use in my garden? 

Our Plant Mineral Bundle contains Biomin Calcium, Biomin Booster and Synergizer. This set is a general solution that broadly targets all deficiencies. Your plants need access to good nutrition to flourish, which our Plant Mineral Bundle can provide. 

So, what other benefits does our bundle offer?

Biomin Calcium

Calcium isn’t just a critical element for bones and teeth. Plants need Calcium too! Calcium helps with plant growth in forming cell walls, making them structurally stronger. 

Calcium is also essential for helping particular enzymes regulate cell activity, ensuring plant roots grow correctly, and enhancing their resistance to pathogens. 

When your garden suffers from a Calcium deficiency, your plants may have stunted root growth and become susceptible to various diseases. With adequate amounts of Biomin Calcium applied, your plants will be stronger and healthier than ever. 

Biomin Booster

While the necessity for macronutrients is well known, gardeners often miss vital trace elements. You may not need to apply the same amounts of trace elements, but they still play a critical role in maintaining plant health. 

Elements like Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum and Iron improve the quality of your produce, helping you grow delicious fruits and vegetables. Copper provides protection against disease and greater structural integrity to plant stems. Magnesium helps transport phosphorus in the plant and promotes photosynthesis and better growth. Manganese is essential for activating enzymes and assisting various processes within cells. 

As you can see, plants require a cocktail of nutrients in various concentrations to remain healthy. Our Biomin Booster product removes the guesswork and helps nurture your garden easily and effectively.


Synergizer provides the essential macronutrients – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium – that all plants need. These nutrients are the fundamental building blocks of good plant health, and Synergizer will provide them in appropriate ratios for the best results. Plus it contains a little added Humic acid to improve soil health and your health! 

Nitrogen is vital for synthesising compounds such as amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Nitrogen also forms part of the chlorophyll molecule, which performs photosynthesis, and a healthy supply will promote foliage growth.

Phosphorus is critical to root growth, especially in young plants, and improves a plant’s hardiness in cold conditions. Phosphorus is also known for its role in flowering and enhanced fruit and vegetable cultivation. Without enough phosphorus, you’ll likely get a poor yield and low-quality produce. 

Potassium helps move water, nutrients, and complex compounds like carbohydrates throughout the plant. Potassium promotes healthy flowering and the accumulation of sugars for delicious-tasting fruit. A potassium deficiency will cause wilting and stunted growth in leaves and stems, resulting in an underdeveloped structure. 

Gardening can be demanding, especially when cultivating flowering or fruiting plants. Our Plant Mineral Bundle is a huge asset, giving you the tools you need to maintain a healthy crop. With this set, you never have to worry about plant nutrition again. 

Find everything you need for your garden in our shop.

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