Biomin Calcium vs Calcium Chloride on Apple Yield and Nutrition

Biomin showed increased earnings per hectare of $5962.16

Observations show that from a lower initial calcium level, Biomin Calcium with just five applications was able to increase significantly, fruit calcium above the grower Standard Calcium program.
Biomin showed increased earnings per hectare of $5962.16.
Biomin product cost per hectare was $64.21 higher, but based on true expense grower Standard Calcium Chloride program was $535.79 / Ha more expensive, showing there are savings that can be shaved from the grower standard Calcium program keeping Braeburn apple production viable.
Grower observations included more advanced colour on the Biomin calcium apples and with just five applications compared to thirteen, not only will environmental impacts be reduced but you may have time to catch more fish for the table.
Read full trial paper here.