Biomin Copper Defoliation Trial, Hawkes Bay Pears

Low application rates and readily bioavailable material

Defoliation of fruit trees post-harvest has been a common practise amongst innovative growers in apple and stone fruit industries as well as other crops for quite some years.
This practise assists with the even leaf fall of trees at the end of root flush period which coincides with the end of carbohydrate storage and therefore promotes an even bud break the following spring. Some varieties tend to hold their leaves.
Recent research with regard to leaf scar wounds has led to this practice becoming more of the norm in an effort to alleviate canker disease. Once the leaves have fallen biological products can be utilized to callus wounds naturally; effectively keeping out weather and various diseases that may prevail such as Canker and Silver leaf. Traditional cover copper sprays use large amounts of copper to achieve this leaf fall, at the same time contaminating soils with heavy metals for many years to come.
Innovative products such as Biomin Copper can alleviate this heavy metal contamination.
The rates used to achieve defoliation with Biomin Copper are as little at 1.5-2kg / Ha. Biomin is a systemic copper, chelated with Glycine which allows proteinous entry into the plant.
With low application rates and readily bioavailable material utilized by the plant for nutritional purposes, plant health is addresssed and soil contamination issues are alleviated. A simple trial layout was used.
The rate of Biomin Copper applied was 2kg / Ha with 500 Lt Water sprayed in the morning of the 13/5/2013.
It was a fine day and the temperature reached 20 degrees.
Photos were taken to measure change to control and Biomin copper applied trees 7 days later.
Read trial paper here.