Calcium Trial on Capsicums in Ayr Comparing Different Calcium Treatments for Fruit Yield

There are a myriad of different formulations of Calcium available to growers with Calcium Chloride being among the least expensive and most commonly used. Biomin™ Calcium is a true chelate produced by J.H Biotech, Inc. which was specifically designed for use on plant crops.

However, the methods of delivery of this element are not conventional, like the delivery methods of products such as Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride. The latter products can marginally reduce a Calcium deficiency, but the speed by which the Calcium released from these products and transported into the growing points (such as fruit) is very slow compared to the transportation of the associated ions such as the nitrate or chloride components of these products which have negative effects on fruit quality. Biomin™ Calcium is the only product on the market that can effectively and economically deliver Calcium to the growing points of the crop without the risk of phytotoxicity.

Biomin™ Calcium is a Glycine chelated product. This means that every Calcium ion is bonded with two Glycine molecules creating a fully chelated Calcium product. The plant recognizes this molecule as a proteinaceous molecule allowing it to travel in the phloem instead of forcing it to use the xylem where Calcium is normally transported. This allows the Calcium to be a mobile element in the Glycine chelated form. This is the edge Biomin™ Calcium has over all other products existing in the marketplace.  Further to the above, as capsicum plants mature and bear fruit, the demand on calcium increases dramatically and fruit quality is compromised if supplementation of calcium is not provided.

Biomin Calcium™ has a role to play in capsicum production by providing adequate levels of calcium to the plants to support fruit production as well as yields and post-harvest shelf-life of fruit.

Biomin Calcium™ is a justifiable product in capsicum production due to the economic importance of better fruit size, increased yields and longer shelf life.

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