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Comparing Dry Matter Yield Outcomes Using Superzyme Biological Treatment on Corsa Regal Kale (Manakura)

Biological organism use is common practice in other industries and in other parts of the world. However they have not been explored here in New Zealand on fodder crops to increase the dry matter yield whilst alleviating soil borne pathogens. These biological organisms produce humic substances that improve soil structure and are good for the environment. This trial was designed to gauge their potential.

Based on Beef and Lamb New Zealand supplementary feed guide, kale at 16% DM costs 31 cents a kg to purchase as supplementary feed.

Dry matter difference between Control and T1 – Superzyme treated is 3,934 kg per hectare equating to an added value of supplementary feed of $1,219.54 per hectare over the control.

Superzyme was applied at 200 grams per hectare at a cost of $35.85, which provided the grower an additional $1,183.69 per hectare of supplementary feed after input cost or an additional $11,836.90 over the 10Ha block.

These cost projections are based on the price of Kale from May 2020, so the increased profitability to the Manakura Farms would be more, assuming the price of Kale has increased over time. The added and possibly more significant benefit over and above the profitability is the improvement to the soil over time.

Read the full trial here.