Control of Phytopthora Root Rot in Spinach

A field trial was established on a commercial property to evaluate the effects of three biological products (Trichoflow, Superzyme and BQ Mulch) and RidomilG (a soil fungicide) on Phytophthora root rot in spinach.
Superzyme and raised bed alone treatments significantly reduced the root rot compared to the untreated plants.
Syperzyme and raised bed alone treatments also had significantly less root rot than the other treatments except the herbicide treatment. RidomilG increased the severity of the rot compared to the untreated control although the difference was not significant. There were no significant differences in plant weight between plants in all of the treatments. No symptoms of phytotoxicity were observed on any of the treated plants.
On the basis of these results, we recommend that Syperzyme or raised bed alone can be used to control Phytophthora root rot on spinach.
View the trial document here.